Wednesday, 28 January 2009

♦ bagO kOng kiNAbaBALiwaN NA nAMan ♦

♦ TayOnG DALawA aNg BagOnG priMEtimE dRAmA sa ABs CbN ♦

Tayong Dalawa (Us Two) is a Philippine primetime drama series broadcast on ABS-CBN. The story revolves around two brothers and friends, (Gerald Anderson and Jake Cuenca) with one name, one dream and one love (Kim Chiu). The teleserye will touch on different life’s issues mainly: money, power, freedom, family, anger, forgiveness, secrets, revelations, and love. The title of the series was taken from one of Rey Valera’s classic songs.[1]

David "JR" Garcia Jr. was born into a poor family. His father, David Garcia Sr. deserted his mother before he was born because his wife, Ingrid Garcia was pregnant with David "Dave" Garcia Jr. When Audrey King and her family go to Tagaytay for a visit, she falls from a set of high stairs. If it were not for David "JR" Garcia, who caught her, she probably would have died. When he gets help, she asks for his name. He tells her that he is David Garcia Jr. When she gets to the hospital and is asked who saved her, she says David Garcia Jr. David "Dave" Garcia Jr. is the one who is introduced. She does not realize it is a different boy. As she grows up falling in love with Dave, Dave meets his brother and soon best friend, JR. These two do not realize that they are brothers. Dave's grandmother, Elizabeth suspects and so does JR's mother, Marlene, but nothing stops these two from becoming best friends. Audrey's father then sends her to Cebu to study there, but not before she meets JR. He feels like he has seen her before, but does not realize who she is. When Dave and JR are sent to PMA, (Philippine Military Academy), they start to get competitive with each other, in academics, and for their true love. When they finally get into battle, will brotherhood save them both, or will envy leave them both to die. Audrey has grown up in love with the wrong person, but when she realizes who her true savior is, will she be able to return his love?

yOU CAN WATcH the episodE SA / for free

WhaT dO U fInK oF tHe SHoW!?

cNo kaya ang makaTuLuYAN nI AuDrEy (Kim Chiu)

abangan natin ang drama na ito hehe :)


kheed said...

ahahaha good story nga ang tayong dalakwa.. sisguro sila pa din ni JayR sa huli, tingin mo?

♥bhabyangel♥ said...

HMMMM oo i fink sooo kasi palagi naman silang dalawa ang love team eh ^....

♥ P.a.s.a.w.a.y B.e.b.o.t.z ♥

♥ P.a.s.a.w.a.y B.e.b.o.t.z ♥
♥♥ evrything has a rison, evrything is plannd. nver rgret it, it will only pull u down. d nmn kelngn ng technicalities. pg mhl m ang 1 tao, mhal mo xa. PERIOD! ♥♥