Thursday, 22 May 2008

mY FaMiLy aRe pReCiUoS tO mE

fOR tHe PaSt fEw dAyS IvE BeeN fInKIn ABOUT mY FaMiLY iN SpEcIaLLy My DaD... Me & mY DaD DoNt sPeNd dAt mUcH TyM, i DoNt eVeN C HiM MUcH eVeN wHeN i gO HoME To vISiT PhIliPPInEs..WhIcH iS I So MuCh rEgReT....i lovE mY DaD So MuCh aNd i wiLL dO EvErYtHiNg tO mAkE HiM hAppY...My mUm AnD mY DaD hAs sEpErAtEd sInCe I WAs yOuNg...mY dEn CoMPLeTe FaMiLy WaS iN THe wHoLe mEss...

i hAvE a bRoThEr name JaY-I BuT tHeN We aLsO GoT SePerAtEd WhEn wE WeRe yOuNg UnTill tHIs MoMeNt as mY MUM ToKe uS fRoM pHiLIppiNeS AnD lIvEd HerE IN loNdOn....nGaYoN pA uLIT KaMi NaGKaSaMa SAmA nG bro KO...wHiCh Im VeR hAppy,hE iS My gREaTeST CoMfOrteR SoRt Of We KnoW EaCh oThERs fEeLiNgS...MY KaPaTiD nA Ako aT mY bEstFrIeNd pa ;0)....iL TeLL u aLL aBoUT hIm LaTeR ON....

iTs vErY LOnG StoRy If I stArt tELiNg U All abouT My PaSt...ItS JUz bEsT To JuZ GiVE U aN iDeA...

mY DaD noW HaS HIS OwN fAmilY iN zAmBOaNGa I bElIeVe He Is hAppY aNd Im HaPPy fOr HiM...HE HaS 3 KiDz WiV hIs PaRTNeR kNow...I dOnT ReAlI hAtE My dAt fOh DaT bEcAuSe My MuM aLsO HaS HIs oWN FaMILy hErE iN LoNdOn...sHe gOt twO LOvElY KIdS wHiCh ArE mY hAlF BrOthErs I loVe deM Too dEy aRe sO SwEEt dEy cAn bE NaUghTY BuT HeY kAsAmA lAnG yAn Sa PaG lAkI ReAllY:)... DeYr NaMe iS mArK & jAMeS...LiKe In ThE BiBleS nAmE:)
mY mUm sAiD shE iS bLEss tO hAvE 4 wOnDeRfUll KiDz ArOUnd HEr...BuT Am tHe oNlY gUrL oUt oF THe sIbLiNgS sO Im PrOuD tO SAy iM thE pRInCEss...hEhEhE..

AnyWaIz theSE aRE ThE dIffEreNt MEaNInGs Of My FaMiLY nAmEs InClUdInG mE!!! GUeSS WHiCh OnE iS mY reaL nAme::)) lol







HoPE u lIke iT :)

iM lIvInG iN My bUTTErFLy's DrEaMz

My pErSoNaL sUrVeY ChEcK iT OuT!!!

Name :iTs fOr Me To knOw aNd fOr u tO FiNd oUt :)
Nick Name :aNgEL..moMziE..fEr2x..bhEbiE
Birthdate :Feb,25 1986 (dNt 4 GeT TO SEnD Me lOve lol)
Birthplace :PhiLipPinEs *prOuD tO Be pInAy :) *
Current Location :LoNdOn U.k.
Eye Color :HaZeL BrOWn
Hair Color :bRuNnette
Height :5'5
Weight :8 StoNe
Piercings :4 EaRpiErCinG aND 1bELLy bUttOn ;)
Tatoos :nOnE
Boyfriend/Girlfriend :bOYfRiEnD
Vehicle :nOnE @ mO BuT SooN ThOuGh
Food :ChInEsE & FiLipInO fOOd aDobO
Pub/Disc/Restaurant :diScO
Candy :LoLiEs & cOttOn cAnDy
Number :18
Color :i lOve PiNk
Animal :PuPPy
Drink :jD & CoKe...fOh cOcKtAiLs ItS PiNa cOlADa & sEx oN tHe bEaCh
Body Part on Opposite sex :HmmMm????
Perfume :cK eTerNiTy... LaCoStE pInk...moschino...burberry
TV Show :sMaLLviLLe...dEsPeRatE HoUsEWiVeS...PiMp My ridE...
Music Album :aLL KiNd oF R&B TuNeS AnD SlOw jAmZ
Movie :2 fAsT 2 fUrIoUs...StEp uP...sAvE ThE lAsT dAnCe...All My liFe(FiLi MoViE)TeXaS mAssACrE...TiTaNiC (UnfOrGeTaBLe mOvIe)
Actor/Actress :Too MaNy tO MeNtIOn i AdMiRe mOsT Of dEm...
This or That
Pepsi or Coke :cOkE
McDonalds or BurgerKing :McdZ
Chocolate or VanillavAniLLa
Hot Chocolate or Coffee :Hot ChOcOLAtE
Kiss or Hug :hUg
Dog or Cat :dOg
Rap or Punk :RaP
Summer or Winter :sUmmER
Scary Movies or Funny Movies :bOtH Or MaYbE i pReFeR ScArY MOvieS
Love or Money :HmmM...lOvE ( BeCaUsE mOnEy coMes & gO BUt lOvE Is SoMeThiNG To aChIeVe anD HaRd To LeT gO)
Bedtime :AroUnD 01:00 aM :)
Most Missed Memory :pHiLiPPiNeS lAst YeAr aUGust to SePtEmBeR 2006
Best phyiscal feature :My eYeS AnD My sMiLe It CaN dRoWn U lOl...
First Thought Waking Up :wiShiNg Am iN PhiLiPpiNeS
Ambition :To bE To b WiTh SoME1 i tRuLy LoVe & gEt MaRRiEd/ hAvE A WoNdErFuLL HoUsE In pHiLipPiNES
Best Friends :HmMmm nO cLuEs eVeRy 1 iSh My BeST fReN As iM So cLoSe To deM!!!LOL
Weakness :i cAnT LeT HiM gooo dUnnO HoW To!!!! :>(
Fears :dAT I MiGhT nEvA sHaRe My wHoLe LyF WiTh SoMe1 sOO SpEcIaL DaT i wAnA b wIv..aNd GeT sTuCk wIv sOmE1 wHo Is a CoNtRoL frEAk ArrrggghHHHH!!!!
Longest relationship :8 YeArS...Of LovE...lAuGHtERs...BuT mOsTLY Pain....
Cheated Your Partner :YeS
Ever been beaten up :yEs
Ever beaten someone up :yEs
Ever Shoplifted :yEs
Ever Skinny Dipped :yEs
Ever Kissed Opposite sex :nOoo DoNt InTeNd Too
Been Dumped Lately :nAh i WiSh hE wiLL dUmPeD mE AM sO FeEd wIv hiM...
Favorite Eye Color :JuZ lYk MiNe :))
Favorite Hair Color :ErrMM...BloNdE iN frOnT aNd bLaCk d rEsT
Short or Long :loNg BuT iTs LyK cHInEsE StYle
Height :5'6 TaLLeR dAn Me i doNt wAnA B d TaLLeR OnE iTss odd
Style :HmmM...SeMi hip hOP
Looks or Personality :pErSOnAlitY
Hot or CuteLoL cAn i SAy bOtH
Muscular or Really Skinny :MuScULAr
What country do you want to Visit :aMeRicA...SpAiN...aLL oVer tHe wOrLd...rEaLLy
How do you want to Die :pAiNLeSS
Been to the Mall Lately :yEs
Get along with your Parents :NoooH nOT mUcH
Health Freak :NAhh I LoVe juNK Food
Do you think your Attractive :iN SoMe wAyS YeS
Believe in Yourself :yEs Of cOuRse
Want to go to College :yAh iVe bEen bUt DiDnT GeT To finisH BeCaUsE i LOvE WOrKiNg nOw
Do you Smoke :YeS
Do you Drink :yEs
Shower Daily :oF CoUrSe...Ewwww I fEEL DiRty AnD iTcHY iF i DoNt tRuSt!!!
Been in Love :oF CoUrSE iTs lYk hEaVeN
Do you Sing : nAnAnANaNa... ;;))
Want to get Married :oF cOuRse
Do you want Children :YeS
Age you wanna lose your Virginity :sEcREt Its mY iNfO.oNLY Bleehhh
Hate anyone :YeS bUt aM NoT TeLin .....
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Monday, 19 May 2008

Try tHeSE iF U AnD YoUre pArTnEr aRe CoMpAtIbLE To EAcH otHeR!

♥ mahaL na MAhaL kO sYA ♥

my minamahal akOo,kaya Lang minsan d nYA pina halagahan anG Love ko sa KANya!>
bKit KAya GHanuN!?>
ANo BA anG kuLang sa AKiN!?
HAhaYSS dami kOnG tANoNg anUh!?>
d KAya sYA aNg MY PrObLeMa sa AMiN!?>

+_______ isip isiP mOoD _______+

Friday, 16 May 2008

LuKiN bAck, mY FiRsT tYm iN LonDoN U.K.

I WaS FiFtEEN wEn i lEfT PhIlIpPInEs tO lIvE iN LONdOn wItH mY mUm...LuKIn BaCk fRoM mY ExPeRiENcE I FeLt pRoUd To mY SeLF...i wAs yOuNG And i cOuLd NeVeR BeLiEVe iM cApAbLe tO tRaVeL bY mYsElf To Go aBrOAD bUt Of CoUrSe I WoUlDnT Lie DeR WaS a StEwARdeSS wHo hELp AnD luK AfTa Me ThRough ThE wHoLe joUrNey...fRoM PhiLIppiNeS tO LoNdON...:)

BaCk dEn I ReMeMbER cRYiNg BeCaUsE i FeeL sO saD LeAviNg My faMiLy ANd FWeNz iN pHiLiPPInEs...bUt THe ThOuGHt Of gOiN tO lONdOn aNd tO sEE tHe qUEEn IT aMaZeD mE LOl...iT WoZ HaRd fIrSt iN lOnDoN, i MeeT lOtS Of dIfFFeReNt FwEnZ frOm dIffEReNt bAckGRoUnDs!!!...i hAvE To aJuSt frOm THe weAthEr,PeOPlE aRoUnD YoU,fOoD aNd FaShIoN eG,ClOtHeS!!!....

I CAmeTo loNdOn LaSt feB.5 2000...iT WaS Soo CoLd aNd mY MUm aNd My StEp dAd anD My sTeP CoUsin PiCkS mE Up In tHe aIrPoRt ( hEaTHrOW LondON TerMiNaL 3) bY CaR...TrAvELiNg fRoM thE AiRpOrt To ouR pLaCe iT tOKe 1 HoUr Or mAyBe lESs...i wAs just LukiNg aRoUnd AnD i WoULD dEScRiBe tHe hOuSeS ItS All tHe sAmE,uNLike PhIlI ThERe Is A BIg MaNsIOn,NIPA HoUsE,aNd jUst DiFFerENt hOuSES...sO I ToT trO MYsElF wOW iTs PrEttY ImPrESSiVE WAlAnG mAhiHIrAp DaHiL lAhAt Ay My MaGaNDAnG bAhAy rEaLi!!!itS aLLL bASed iN coNCret...wE StOp By mCdZ To eAt ChEaP HUh HEHEHE BuT IT wOz YuMMy LOlZ!!!...

ThEN WhEn WE ArrIvEd iN mY MUmS pLaCe I WaS hAppY!!!.....CoUpLe dAyS pAsT bY I WaS nOt haPpY i tOlD mY mUm i wANA Go hOmE tO Phili, iM MiSSiN mY FrEnZ AnD FaMiLiEs...:(
bUt ThEn Ma sAiD sA uMpIsA LaNg MaKaYaNaN mO RiN yAn weN u StaRT uR StUdY!!! tIniiS KO aNg Lahat paRa MalagpASAN Ko ANG hOmEsICk KO iLaNg nYtS DiN aKOnG uMiYaK nUnG BuT alWaYs LiSten tO mY MUm ShE SaId iM lUCkY To EsCaPE ThE PovERtY iN pHiLi...

CoUple oF WEEks pAss By...My MuM eNrOLL mE tO sKuL...I Was sTuDyInG iN yEAr 9...MeeT sOmE FwEnZ sO pArAnG NalAgPAsAn Ko na aNg AkIng pAg Ka Miss sa pInAS...
I mEEt SoMe nAtI FrEnz dAt lEnDs To NaUTi AsPEcT Of mY lIFe....AyAw KO nG mAg ArAl nagLALAkWaTsA nA lAng.mY MuM USeD To drOp tO SkuL DeN i PuT mY nOn UnIFORm iN mY BAg dEn i uSeD tocHaNgEd iN ThE sKuL tOiLeT dEn LALABaS Me sA gAtE viA cLiMBiNG oR sA iLaLiM nG gAtE KAmI nG freNZ ...DaT wAs fUNNY!!!

tHEN My MuM would find out dat I havent been going to sKUl anD I GeT In tROuBlE...hAIIz I WaS ReALi NauTi gUrL ::))...NoT DaT Im pROuD OF It bUt i NeVeR ReGrEt DaT...I HAd lOtS Of fUn.....

OhoHHH i ForGoT To MeNtIOnEd DaT IM lIvInG WiTh My 2 sTeP BrothER aNd sTep dAd aNd My MuM So i WaS FiNdInG It HaRd To gEt aLOnG WiTh TheM...So i wAs kInDa reBeL ChIlD.... mY ReAl BrOtHa WaS iN PhIlI dEn aNd My dAd aNd MuM Was sEpERaTeD!!!!....

My fIrSt 2wEEks wAs a HeLL BuT DeN i SuRvIVe AnD StaRTeD eNjoYInG mYseL...I FiNiSh MaH SkUl...

Im WorKiNg kNoW In 1 Of tHe tOp HoTeL iN LoNdOn ( Connaught hotel 5star)n... aM ReAli PrOuD Of WAt I AcCoMPlIsH So fAr!!!

mOrE StOrY tO CoME!!!

♥ P.a.s.a.w.a.y B.e.b.o.t.z ♥

♥ P.a.s.a.w.a.y B.e.b.o.t.z ♥
♥♥ evrything has a rison, evrything is plannd. nver rgret it, it will only pull u down. d nmn kelngn ng technicalities. pg mhl m ang 1 tao, mhal mo xa. PERIOD! ♥♥