Tuesday, 27 January 2009

♥ ang AKing kiNaBAbaLiwan ♥

♥ Luna mystika ♥

♦ kahit pagod na pagod ako pagkatapos sa work i always have time to watch Luna
♦ nakakawala sya ng pagod para sa akin

Language : Tagalog TV Station : GMA 7 Country : Philippines

In Barrio Mausok where the town folks still believe in the presence of Engkantos. There lives the affluent Sagrado Family, Joaquin and Benita and their two beautiful daughters Alice and Diana. But Diana apparently attracts more suitors than Alice causing the latter to harbour enmity for the favored one.
Surprisingly, regardless of her countless suitors, Diana gives her heart to Simon, a beastly-looking young man with a distorted face feared to have descended from the Engkantos. Soon the news spread about their relationship and Diana's parents try to end their romance. However, it's too late since Diana is already with a child.
During her pregnancy, Diana thinks she will have twins since her tummy is so big. But upon her delivery, only one baby comes out, much to her bewilderment. Unknown to them, aside from the human baby Luna, Diana also gives birth to a baby in the form of a shadow, which turns out to be Celestina.

♦ you can watch this show sa pinoychannel.tv or ebenta.com for free =]


♥ P.a.s.a.w.a.y B.e.b.o.t.z ♥

♥ P.a.s.a.w.a.y B.e.b.o.t.z ♥
♥♥ evrything has a rison, evrything is plannd. nver rgret it, it will only pull u down. d nmn kelngn ng technicalities. pg mhl m ang 1 tao, mhal mo xa. PERIOD! ♥♥