Thursday, 22 May 2008

My pErSoNaL sUrVeY ChEcK iT OuT!!!

Name :iTs fOr Me To knOw aNd fOr u tO FiNd oUt :)
Nick Name :aNgEL..moMziE..fEr2x..bhEbiE
Birthdate :Feb,25 1986 (dNt 4 GeT TO SEnD Me lOve lol)
Birthplace :PhiLipPinEs *prOuD tO Be pInAy :) *
Current Location :LoNdOn U.k.
Eye Color :HaZeL BrOWn
Hair Color :bRuNnette
Height :5'5
Weight :8 StoNe
Piercings :4 EaRpiErCinG aND 1bELLy bUttOn ;)
Tatoos :nOnE
Boyfriend/Girlfriend :bOYfRiEnD
Vehicle :nOnE @ mO BuT SooN ThOuGh
Food :ChInEsE & FiLipInO fOOd aDobO
Pub/Disc/Restaurant :diScO
Candy :LoLiEs & cOttOn cAnDy
Number :18
Color :i lOve PiNk
Animal :PuPPy
Drink :jD & CoKe...fOh cOcKtAiLs ItS PiNa cOlADa & sEx oN tHe bEaCh
Body Part on Opposite sex :HmmMm????
Perfume :cK eTerNiTy... LaCoStE pInk...moschino...burberry
TV Show :sMaLLviLLe...dEsPeRatE HoUsEWiVeS...PiMp My ridE...
Music Album :aLL KiNd oF R&B TuNeS AnD SlOw jAmZ
Movie :2 fAsT 2 fUrIoUs...StEp uP...sAvE ThE lAsT dAnCe...All My liFe(FiLi MoViE)TeXaS mAssACrE...TiTaNiC (UnfOrGeTaBLe mOvIe)
Actor/Actress :Too MaNy tO MeNtIOn i AdMiRe mOsT Of dEm...
This or That
Pepsi or Coke :cOkE
McDonalds or BurgerKing :McdZ
Chocolate or VanillavAniLLa
Hot Chocolate or Coffee :Hot ChOcOLAtE
Kiss or Hug :hUg
Dog or Cat :dOg
Rap or Punk :RaP
Summer or Winter :sUmmER
Scary Movies or Funny Movies :bOtH Or MaYbE i pReFeR ScArY MOvieS
Love or Money :HmmM...lOvE ( BeCaUsE mOnEy coMes & gO BUt lOvE Is SoMeThiNG To aChIeVe anD HaRd To LeT gO)
Bedtime :AroUnD 01:00 aM :)
Most Missed Memory :pHiLiPPiNeS lAst YeAr aUGust to SePtEmBeR 2006
Best phyiscal feature :My eYeS AnD My sMiLe It CaN dRoWn U lOl...
First Thought Waking Up :wiShiNg Am iN PhiLiPpiNeS
Ambition :To bE To b WiTh SoME1 i tRuLy LoVe & gEt MaRRiEd/ hAvE A WoNdErFuLL HoUsE In pHiLipPiNES
Best Friends :HmMmm nO cLuEs eVeRy 1 iSh My BeST fReN As iM So cLoSe To deM!!!LOL
Weakness :i cAnT LeT HiM gooo dUnnO HoW To!!!! :>(
Fears :dAT I MiGhT nEvA sHaRe My wHoLe LyF WiTh SoMe1 sOO SpEcIaL DaT i wAnA b wIv..aNd GeT sTuCk wIv sOmE1 wHo Is a CoNtRoL frEAk ArrrggghHHHH!!!!
Longest relationship :8 YeArS...Of LovE...lAuGHtERs...BuT mOsTLY Pain....
Cheated Your Partner :YeS
Ever been beaten up :yEs
Ever beaten someone up :yEs
Ever Shoplifted :yEs
Ever Skinny Dipped :yEs
Ever Kissed Opposite sex :nOoo DoNt InTeNd Too
Been Dumped Lately :nAh i WiSh hE wiLL dUmPeD mE AM sO FeEd wIv hiM...
Favorite Eye Color :JuZ lYk MiNe :))
Favorite Hair Color :ErrMM...BloNdE iN frOnT aNd bLaCk d rEsT
Short or Long :loNg BuT iTs LyK cHInEsE StYle
Height :5'6 TaLLeR dAn Me i doNt wAnA B d TaLLeR OnE iTss odd
Style :HmmM...SeMi hip hOP
Looks or Personality :pErSOnAlitY
Hot or CuteLoL cAn i SAy bOtH
Muscular or Really Skinny :MuScULAr
What country do you want to Visit :aMeRicA...SpAiN...aLL oVer tHe wOrLd...rEaLLy
How do you want to Die :pAiNLeSS
Been to the Mall Lately :yEs
Get along with your Parents :NoooH nOT mUcH
Health Freak :NAhh I LoVe juNK Food
Do you think your Attractive :iN SoMe wAyS YeS
Believe in Yourself :yEs Of cOuRse
Want to go to College :yAh iVe bEen bUt DiDnT GeT To finisH BeCaUsE i LOvE WOrKiNg nOw
Do you Smoke :YeS
Do you Drink :yEs
Shower Daily :oF CoUrSe...Ewwww I fEEL DiRty AnD iTcHY iF i DoNt tRuSt!!!
Been in Love :oF CoUrSE iTs lYk hEaVeN
Do you Sing : nAnAnANaNa... ;;))
Want to get Married :oF cOuRse
Do you want Children :YeS
Age you wanna lose your Virginity :sEcREt Its mY iNfO.oNLY Bleehhh
Hate anyone :YeS bUt aM NoT TeLin .....
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♥ P.a.s.a.w.a.y B.e.b.o.t.z ♥

♥ P.a.s.a.w.a.y B.e.b.o.t.z ♥
♥♥ evrything has a rison, evrything is plannd. nver rgret it, it will only pull u down. d nmn kelngn ng technicalities. pg mhl m ang 1 tao, mhal mo xa. PERIOD! ♥♥